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Services provided by Carlos

I am a Business Growth Consultant and a Personal Coach. As a Growth Consultant I’ve focused on two main topics: Corporate Development, to help institutionalize companies and get funding; and Business Automation, setting up the sequences and tools for automated funnels and outbound / inbound marketing to attract, convert, and retain your audience. As a Personal Coach, I enable my life and the people’s lives whom I coach for success just as if we were a company.

Throughout my 19 years “in business”, I’ve created companies, business leaders, authorities, and successful well-known personalities that translate in wealth and happiness.

These are the services I’ve developed tailored towards professionals and organizations in life and growth hacking:

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Personal Coach

Coaching – For Professionals

Throughout the years, I have become an expert at creating wealth. With me, as your Life Coach, you will find in yourself the ability to change your mindset, to understand how to manage your time, activities, and life, become successful and become a wealthy and happy person by growing your reputation, working on your personal branding, and creating a successful plan. Get trained on virtual or on-site sessions, or have me as a mentor throughout your journey.

Business Growth Consultant

Coaching & Training – For Businesses

Learn from me how to grow your business, market it effectively, increase sales, and optimize your profit margins. I will help you understand how to create and apply a business plan, a strategy, and how to make sure it’s successful. Training can be on-site or virtual.

Corporate Development – For Businesses

Having led successful funding projects and roadshows, I have the ability to draft a plan for your company and execute. Whether your goal is institutionalizing your business, expanding, or getting funding, I can lead you through the right path.

Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

You want your company to be well known. You want “Top of Mind” and “Brand Awareness”, but above that you want conversions and sales. You want to become a known leader in your industry. You want to go into politics and need to understand the power of branding yourself. You are a public personality or  in your path to becoming famous. I will work with you or your company to help you reach these goals. I have a proven track record with multiple successful clients, and I can do it for you. Be known, be famous.

Public speaking

Ever since my first public appearance in the media while presenting Yahoo! Mexico to the world, back in 1999, I’ve been giving speeches both, in English and Spanish to audiences in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, and the United States. I’ve delivered talks, keynotes and seminars on Technology, Business, Marketing, and Journalism. If you need a professional speaker for your event, or want to have an energetic, unique keynote speaker, hire me. I will turn on your audience and make them never forget your brand and your event.